Similar to Twitterati on Twitter, what should folks on Mastodon should be collectively called :


@Gargron @stux

Would you please weigh-in here? Is there a well-accepted word for the collective community here on Mastodon? Like Twitterati on Twitter?

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Hello @Gargron @stux ,

At the time I launched this poll, I wasn't quite aware of existing terms for the community, like "Mastonauts" or "Fedizens".

IMHO, I think newer members like me should defer to the established terms, especially to minimize confusion and integrate better.

I think the poll itself may have been biased, since neither of the above two options were primary choices.

So, do consider ruling on this, or running another poll with the above two + winner here : Tuskies.

@AmitRamesan I guess people on #Mastodon are called #Mastonauts 😇 since the #fediverse (federated universe) and stuff?


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