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Okay I'm on snouts now too as Ampersand

Man I dont wanna have like ten different accounts on here I never even posted to my AD on twitter

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Labor Day, protesting, and tech 

todayborday is labor day and you know what THAT means!

instead of putting the onus of protesting worker's rights and bad biz practices on physical laborers/entry level/min wage workers, we need to start pressuring the folks ABOVE them. that means YOU, Amazon/Google/Boeing/Microsoft programmer/web dev/vis dev/manager. YOU need to start letting YOUR bosses know just how bad people are being treated. use your positions of privilege to actually help those below you.

Quitting weed and mildly ill so I'm achey but weirdly euphoric

Hello Asia. I can't sleep! Eating crackers in bed.

so Mastodon is where nice anime Twitter went

hey now I'm a toot star, block my account to day

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