Opened birdsite after a "detox" period on
Actually felt weird. The layout felt unfamiliar and my TL was just making me angry
Thanks @Gargron


@Pranavgupta @Gargron Hey Eugen! You built @Mastodon and solved core problems of race/caste/religion abuse to larger extent. Kudos to you. But why are you boosting the hatred/complaints towards other platforms? Isn’t not spreading hate is the core reason for many to be on mastodon?

@Amr1ta @Pranavgupta @Mastodon I'm sure a massive Silicon Valley corporation can handle a bit of critique

@Gargron @Pranavgupta @Mastodon It sure can. But we as cheerleader of massive decentralised next gen utopian social network shouldn’t be bothered by their wrongdoings and propagating their misdeeds.

@Amr1ta @Gargron @Mastodon calm down warrior
It's an org, not a person and this is not hate but critique.

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