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For INC the knot is becoming tighter. They either have to bag clean majority or need to have more money than BJP. Gone are the days of thoda coalition, thoda paisa.

Domains are woman’s new best friend.

Sis, buy domains. The rarer the better.

Swiggy is trying so hard to lure me back.

It’s not about you honey, it’s about me. Let’s accept this and move on.

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I just realized that my reflexive defense mechanism of making bad jokes during moments of emotional tension makes me a living vibe check and honestly I dont know how to feel

You are the difference between ‘you did it’ and ‘you are done’.

Last night during presidential debate, Ms. Warren mentioned that she raised $17,000 from her ex-boyfriends for her last senator run.

I am still thinking about that.

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Just came across the coined word “loiterature”: narratives that digress, that are wayward, where delays and triviality are celebrated. Nice.

What it tells about a government that fears universities?

When you share a slice of your life with others, how many layers of hurt are visible?

Regardless of our religion, race, caste, gender, sexual orientation..
we all need pockets.

Did you know, not thinking about the worst is also an option?

I didn’t know.

The more I try to have healthy platonic relationship with life, the more life find ways to screw me over.

Separate @Mastodon instances remind me of yahoo chat rooms. Anyone that old?

People are not surprised with SC’s dismissal on probe.

Let that sink in. People are giving up on highest judicial court of appeal under constitution of India.

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Sometimes the loudest things in the room are the words we don't say.

People hurt with words.
Unless they are BoJack Horseman S6, no point replaying those words in your mind.

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