Boom !
New release…and here’s the 2nd video 🎥 of the new E.P. of Analogue Freestyle! The tune’s called GAWDS CHORD. It’s marking the return of thee ANALOGUE FREESTYLE.

This video shows traffic in L.A. - from above it looks like a toxic blood stream in the veins of nature.
➤ full Youtube video :
➤➤ ◀︎◀︎

2022 marks the year that Analogue Freestyle makes its first release, after a history lasting almost 30 years !

The first song is featuring the LEGENDARY FARDA P on the mic !
The release is this Thursday (iTunes/Amazon, etc) , and Bandcamp :

Here’s the teaser video 🎥

(Hifi-Rockers, remixes by Kruder & Dorfmeister, contribution to the DJ Kicks series on the K7! label.)

From a local Magazin in Dresden about our Gig with Massive Attack. A very flattering review for us. We really took the cake that night. Also one of a few Gigs we did with MC Dan de Lion (photo on the left).


On the cover of 96* …Playing the concert hall of Pfefferberg Berlin , doing the biggest Drum’n’Bass event in 1996 !


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