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Hi guys! I'm teaching a Mandarin language introductory workshop on the 18th of Jan 2020, 12-2:30 PM, at Andheri Doolally. The fee is 1000 INR (with either beer or fries included). Please do come!

The obsession with the constituency of the audiences searching for certain terms on porn websites accomplishes nothing, and is only a revelation of hidden class biases. (sharing this article I wrote because a similar screenshot is making the rounds again)


Anyone interested in a 2 hr Mandarin language workshop in Mumbai? Going to teach basics of Pinyin, how to read and form characters, give background + history of how this system developed, and some very basic sentences.

Suitable for absolute beginners.
Third/Fourth week of Jan, 2020.

Fee will range from 500-1000, depending on the venue.

Please retoot so I reach maximum humans. TIA!

Many have asked if I am attending this event. I am not. I typically only attend campus events with educational value.

I encourage everyone attending to educate themselves about the speaker. I urge all students -- especially female students and Muslim students -- to stay safe.

Doing this again because after going back to Twitter briefly, I realised I can't complain about proprietary systems if I can't put money where my mouth is.

wannabe researcher tooting about feminism, culture, technology, books, writing. Engaging with the culture is part of my job. Previously a web developer.

Previous research had been about porn websites. Yes, my parents were not pleased. Now hoping to research HCI/design stuff.

Why do hackers never target student loans or medical debt?? Like,,,fuck off, that person who's rich enough to be hiding their money offshore is probably barely gonna notice. I would IMMEDIATELY notice if I didn't have this cloud of debt hanging over me anymore. If you're gonna be gay and do crimes, do sensible ones. Sheesh.

What is happening at JNU is an othering of the marginalized. A UC project which wants to keep the poor & marginalized, mostly Dalits, out of education, eternally poor. Not surprising the brahmin-bania BJP is behind it. Such contempt for our kids is astounding

The Caravan is hiring. PHOTO RESEARCHER (FELLOW)

Deadline: 17 November 2019


How to Apply:
Please send in a résumé, a detailed statement on your research experience along with two references (with names and contact information), portfolio of your photographic work and a cover letter to Dr. Vinod K Jose, Executive Editor, at The subject line should read “Photo Researcher— 2019”.

Boost this and spread a word around.

@suhrith and I wrote a piece on the Ayodhya judgment.

We asked if the judgment is legally correct; and if isn't, whether it is nonetheless justified as an act of "judicial statesmanship" that lets the country move on.

We believe that the answer to both those questions is "no".

One Mic Stand has been binge watched and other than saying that Richa Chaddha is absolutely fabulous, no comments.

What's good Indian web series that you guys recommend? Tell me name + platform + why you like it.

Stuff I've already seen:
Little Things
Inside Edge
Sacred Games
Family Man
Bard of Blood
Four More Shots Please
Permanent Roommates

Seeing tweets/comments below articles on the HK scene is kind of heartbreaking because the RW nationalism we see here is the same there and a lot of my FB TL is HK friends saying things about how they're fighting the system and mainland friends convinced that they've lost the plot it is SAD and nationalism is a sucks

The course itself has many more resources and conversations that are informative and instructive. A very good introduction to basic concepts in gender and sexuality, minus the love of jargon and inaccessibility. Really really really recommend it.

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This one is about sociologist Harriet Martineau and gender conflict theory:

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Posting some of the videos here. Starting with this one on performative wokeness:

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PSA: Gender and Sexuality: Applications in Society by UBC on EdX is phenomenally good. The curation of videos and other resources is beyond fantastic. Janice Stewart is concise and it's so easy to connect.

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