Alright I'm going to migrate to a different instance. I had better do it soon before I build up too much history with this one.

Good morning. I've never been so happy I went through french immersion.

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Gays, Furries, Communists, Open-Source Software Developers...

long ago the four nations lived in harmony

but everything changed when the Dad Nation attacked...

I listened to Mike Duncan's entire podcast series on the French Revolution and I still lost to my wife at Carcassonne.


I am very much enjoying all the French on Mastodon so far. I haven't read this much French since high school.

Just finished s-town. Very good series. never goes where you expect it to, especially based on its Serial pedigree. So much crazy brutal beautiful fucked up humanity on display.

Why are pilates a thing and why do I make myself do them? Also why are we debating punching Nazis again I thought we had figured this out on the old site? People, punch the nazis and don't do pilates unless you want to be very sore.

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This is my grandfather. He fought Nazis in WWII.

In December, I gave away the engagement ring he gave my grandmother to a couple who could not afford a ring.

This is one of the reasons I have been getting death threats since January.

sometimes you spend the night dredging the classical tag on bandcamp and you come across something interesting like this:

@lindseyb hey I found this place yesterday because you tweeted about it and it's pretty cool so far, so thanks!

Every time I see a go fund me for someone in the hospital I feel sad for them and want to help but also I think wouldn't it be great if we lived in a world where people didn't have to beg strangers for money on the internet to be able to survive a medical emergency?

I spent some time in the mall today and it occured to me, and not for the first time, that malls might actually be extremely bad.

Going back and forth between the mobile site and the tusky app. So far the mobile site seems to have more functionality?


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