So, just to be clear; I think the chances that they'd inject Trump with an experimental treatment and the swine emperor would ALLOW himself to be flown to Walter Reed Memorial "as a precaution" if Trump's symptoms were actually "mild" and his prognosis was rosy... are precisely zero.

And keep in mind, they told us Boris Johnson was "basically fine" until he almost f*cking died.


Inject that sh*t right into my veins.

Not only can you not fill a SCOTUS seat or campaign for president while you're laid up with Captain Tripps, but I'm just gonna assume it's pretty hard to do a fascist coup while you're on a ventilator.

I don't even know if we need him to shuffle off the mortal coil here - this might actually be the end of him either way.

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US Pol - Sick Nation, Sick Leaders 


Curious about your thoughts about Pence. He's obviously terrible, but I don't know how bright he is. I seem to remember that he fucked up his home state so badly vis-a-vis opioids and/or AIDS that even the GOPers remaining there when Trump won moved quickly to dial back a bunch of the shit he did (or to push through useful shit he'd failed to do). It's been a while, though...

US Pol - Sick Nation, Sick Leaders 

@xenophora I am just not afraid of Pence either winning an election, or doing a fascist coup - he literally crashed and burned so hard in Indiana his career was OVER until Trump rescued him off the trash pile.

I don't think fascism is going anywhere, they'll eventually reform under a new leader, we're in it for the long haul with these guys.

But they won't rise up for an empty shirt like Mike Pence. Even if the fundies like him (but not that much)

US Pol - Sick Nation, Sick Leaders 


Yeah... although I'm superstitious enough to not say any of this myself. I'm so old I remember how Biden should've been finished back in 1988 for stealing another pol's speech and hoping no one would notice.

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