New this morning; the No Fugazi Podcast is back with a look at how to identify fascism by examining the lowest common denominator beliefs of fascist movements in Episode 2 of Season 2 - the Crass Psychology of Fascism.

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And for those of you morally opposed to SoundCloud's terrible interface, we also upload each episode to our (free) No Fugazi Patreon account - of course, Patreon is also a terrible company but they don't call it late stage capitalism for shits and giggles; Patreon still uses the old simple audio player style which I gather is less annoying on some machines/phones - check out NF S2E2 The Crass Psychology of Fascism; again always totally free to listen to:

@AnarchoNinaWrites (funkwhale federated instance) is free and open source with activitypub support. Connects to other services, podcast stores via RSS etc.

There's also which is non-corporate for when patreon shuts your account down;)

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