The secret conceit in every complaint about corporate online censorship and its effect on the left, is the idea that organizing under the umbrella of corporate surveillance is a functional strategy; which is wrong from a security perspective, and also suggests you're overestimating the importance of your own shitposts.

The government is not coming for you unless you say something important and they were already doing that anyway.

Leave your basement once in a while.

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I frankly couldn't give a spare rat's ass for this "crackdown on the far right" - you let me know when they arrest Bob fucking Mercer; the rest of this is just rolling up an op.

But the idea that whether or not the state is out to get me hinges on letting gammony fascists get away with storming Capitol Hill is the same kind of Randian nonsense shitlord libertarians pitch - y'all only give a fuck when it's nazis, so I ain't give a fuck what happens to you.

Tl;dr - the difference between "dissent" and "bitching" is whether or not anyone is listening and brother, they ain't.

Now if you started organizing a socialist revolution on Twitter, they'll crack you so hard your head will fall off - but dawg, that was true on January 5th too. And it has been true for us, for the left, for a very, very long time.

Let fascists cry for fascists, when both of my enemies fight, it's not my fucking problem.

@AnarchoNinaWrites Anyone who thinks this shit started 4 years ago needs to go run some searches on "Palmer Raids", Eugene Debs and "The Masses" Magazine, and quit crying over Parler being bounced off their host.

@flugennock All true.

They never stopped COINTELPRO and the target for that shit is us, not the right.

They're gonna crack a few nazis heads and otherwise the same purge they've been trying against the modern the left since Occupy, will continue. It's bad, and we can talk about that - but dear christ don't cry to me about the rights of fascists, lol, ya know?

@AnarchoNinaWrites Outfits like Parler and OANN have rich-ass fascists with truckloads of cash to pour into them, and our side doesn't. They have a major cable news network blasting their shit all over the place for them, and we don't.

So don't even START with the goddamn "frEe SpEeCh" horseshit.

...and the phrase "devil's advocate" is one of my top ten "slowly I turned" trigger phrases these days. Real lampshade kinda shit — "If I might play Devil's Advocate for a moment..." ...oh, christ.

@flugennock lol, yeah, I agree with all of that :)

I mean don't get me wrong; I know the police state is bullshit - but they don't cry for us, and the government is already pretty sure wanting poor people to have healthcare is basically treason so these fucks can stop crying me a river any time.

@AnarchoNinaWrites I'm a little ambivalent on this one. I am somewhat paranoid, but this looks like a perfect outcome for the PTB. They can claim to be cracking down on hate and conspiracies (e.g. Alex Jones' de-platforming) but also use that very same act as a cover for censoring of the left (see youtube et al adpocalypse and algo changes). Also, anyone looking to get clips of people like Jones or Icke (for debunking) now has a much harder job. I also think it had little effect on their respective reaches.

@adz My thinking here, and I believe it's historical supported from Haymarket, through COINTELPRO, on into Occupy and Black Lives Matter, is that you're absolutely right to be paranoid but you should be paranoid regardless of how this shakes out for the chuds.

The machine already has more than enough laws on the books to smush us and as someone who's lost SEVEN Twitter accounts, I assure you, they'll suspend you just for talking back to rich folks, already.

Let the fascists cry for themselves

@AnarchoNinaWrites I think that this is a signal that we're heading to a dark place. Yes, we were heading to a dark place regardless. However, now people are happy about it.

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