This is important enough that it cannot be contained by the simple "reply" button:

Journey lied to you, whether you stop believin' or not, there is no such thing as South Detroit. Immediately South of Detroit, is the Detroit river, and on the other side of that is a place called Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

That prick from California who wrote the song is not only stealing valor from the 313, but he can't even get the fucking geography right.

This is important.

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@AnarchoNinaWrites I’ve been to Windsor. Drove around a good ten minutes and then went right back to Detroit. (Quick story, that: turnaround was so quick I think it made me and the Mrs suspicious to the 🇺🇸 border pigs. We got pulled out of the reentry line and had our rental car searched. Of course, it could’ve just been my brown skin that alarmed them. I didn’t ask.)

@Elim_Garak_1967 it's the most American place in Canada, but also, the America it is most specifically like is Grand Rapids - which ain't so grand.

@glenneegee It drives me ballistic that this is a "thing" - I'm from real Detroit, I don't need no poseur ass fake Detroit, fake working class ballad nonsense.

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