*Joe Manchin opposes the filibuster elimination, $2K relief checks, the minimum wage, and literally every single goddamn proposal that would help poor people or fight climate catastrophe*

Liberals: "ok but this is how government works and that's just the system, Biden just got into office and would you rather have Drumpf?!"

*Joe Manchin sinks Neera Tanden's nomination to the executive brunch club in civil service*


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"Joe Manchin sinks Neera Tanden's nomination..."

Hoorah, Joe Manchin. At least he got one thing right.

@flugennock He hasn't done it yet; she might get bailed out by on of the Fash Party minions. But he's signal his intention to vote against her so god willing, yes, Manchin's desire to put on a show for shitlords back home, might sink Neera.

@AnarchoNinaWrites Oh, please let it happen. That'd be more poetic justice than I could stand. It'd totally smash the Irony Meter.

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