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*extremely neera tanden voice*

Aight but it would be just like Trump to literally die rather than face the consequences of any of his actions tho:


meanwhile, there's a whole new war that started between Armenia and Azerbaijan just a few days ago

Friend "What does "anarcho-communist" mean?"

Me "Person who does not yet know what syndicalism is."

And, since I didn't really feel comfortable with just leaving it at that - here's an expanded thank you note to Naked Capitalism and the mysterious Lambert Strether, to whom I owe so much (no sarcasm, he's really helped me out by sharing my stuff on NC)

tl;dr "some of those that work forces" - especially immigration pigs, constitutional sheriffs and whichever cops happen to belong to white nationalist groups, which is a lot more than people seem to realize.

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My only real point of contention is that I'm not sure Strether has understood who I'm arguing the fascist brownshirts are; I actually happen to agree with him that the Proud Boys do not a nazi milita make - but as I've said repeatedly; they will not be alone. See screenshot.

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So, it's extremely annoying I can't post this on Twitter where I'm sure the author will see it but - I would like to thank Lambert Strether (which may be a pseudonym, IDK) for once again featuring me in the Naked Capitalism 2PM Water Cooler - I honestly cannot stress what a blessing having my work shared in NC has been & how much I appreciate the support; even when we don't agree

Again, thank you very much - naked capitalism is one of the best places on the web; I'm proud to be mentioned at all

So, just to be clear; I think the chances that they'd inject Trump with an experimental treatment and the swine emperor would ALLOW himself to be flown to Walter Reed Memorial "as a precaution" if Trump's symptoms were actually "mild" and his prognosis was rosy... are precisely zero.

And keep in mind, they told us Boris Johnson was "basically fine" until he almost f*cking died.

New today - a lengthy but casual discussion about corporate "mainstream" media's role in the rise of fascism and white nationalism, inspired (shall we say) by a single, two paragraph answer popular actor Hugo Weaving gave in an interview with The Daily Beast.

We're going *deep* this morning lads.

Just gonna leave this here to remind folks that in the dozens and dozens of books written about media analysis and the failings of a for profit press - only Parenti has the nuts to lay it out for the capitalist conspiracy f*ckery it is and not pretend it's some kind of accident or filter - these folks just lie for power.

Ain't no such thing as a "free press" in a capitalist system unless you remove the press itself from the market/the hands of the rich.

Who exactly is it that decides what is a conspiracy theory anyway and do you think that just maybe using that accusation every time someone exposed some hidden and unpalatable aspect of American capitalism, foreign policy or malfeasance just *might* be contributing to the fact that nobody cares if what they "believe" is really true anymore? The choose your own adventure model of reality has deep roots in American war propaganda.

So, this trick is definitely stolen off someone on Twitter, but I'd like the citation to survive potential bannings and locked accounts so here goes - mainstream media hypocrisy towards the left, one out of a billion examples:


Please note - I could actually care less about Obamagate as it were; my issue here is Clapper and why the corporate media is blaming the rise of fascism on people not trusting them - when they repeatedly do things that make it impossible to trust them; like employing James Clapper as a national security analyst on CNN.

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I mean the obvious question is, given James Clapper's former job description as a spymaster, the fact that he was caught lying under oath to Congress (and probably destroyed the torture report) and the whole "repeatedly lied about the scope of evidence that would come about in the Mueller" probe thing - why should ppl trust CNN using him as a NatSec analyst? That's an own goal for the "centrist" corporate media:


Rick Scott, Florida man and garbage person, actually wants it to be a law that any votes you're not able to count in 24 hours get tossed in the trash. That's actually what he's proposing.


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