@z428 From a protocol perspective it handles Friendica well (via GNU social).the ui however is a bit disorganized and not appropriate for my fat fingers 😃

@softmetz Reminds me of my experiments with andstatus on GNUsocial earlier, actually. So far #fedilab does a modestly good job accessing #friendica instances too, but there are some glitches, apparently also because of different semantics of different "things" on both platforms.

I also tried #fedilab, while it works basically a lot of the ui is accustomed to Mastodon. I am also not sure, if the #activitypub implementation is already advanced enough to support the client profile. The server profile at least works seemless. 😀

@AndStatus I assume I need to build from source to give this a try? 🙂

@softmetz @softmetz

@z428 No no, there is a description how turn on
and a link to the ticket with ready to download package in the first message. Please use the latest v. 47.06
@softmetz @softmetz


@z428 As you may see from the discussion it the GitHub issue, the first and maybe the most undefined step in the specification is authentication and whoami (account verification/discovery) steps. We agreed on concrete steps and endpoints with pleroma.site developer, but the same probably won't work out of the box with other systems.
Anyway, I'm open to collaboration and aim at creation of really unified API, compliant with ActivityPub C2S.

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