@gdorn Yeah, I think this is something #mastodev and @andstatus need to strongly consider. New posts at the bottom of the timeline, not the top. Oldest from last read at the top.

@baloouriza #AndStatus has an option to show latest notes first in the Conversation view.
Regarding timelines: how do you "Pull to refresh" at the bottom of the list? I didn't see any such Android app yet...

@andstatus @gdorn Yeah, in conversation view, but not in the timeline. That's annoying that it isn't available in the timeline, mostly because English is read from the top down. Who cares if I can't rebound off the end of the timeline for a refresh? The menu's there...


@BalooUriza @gdorn I know about this need for quite a long time, and even tried to implement chronological order of notes in a timeline once, but stopped due to too many changes required...
I will try to do this again, I promise :-)

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