Blacklists distribution 

@tom79 There could be more than one "Blacklist source". Why not?
The key here is that we don't need to have a single source and hence the single point of failure.

Blacklists distribution 

@AndStatus @tom79 @SubwayTooter

Also the block list needs not to be a interrogated every request. It can work similarly to uBlock filters: once at application set-up and then subsequently by explicit user update request.

@mariusor When describing scenario I meant even simpler syncing: once full sync is done, only changes are sent to the "Blacklist collection followers". These changes are Activities :
Add new element to the collection or
Remove one element from the collection.

@AndStatus @SubwayTooter

I understand, but that requires that behind this blacklist there is a full-fledged activitypub service. In the scenario I mentioned, a simple static list is enough.

In an ideal scenario yes, people could follow such a list and updates to it would propagate to them through AP S2S. :)


@mariusor Yes, I'm dreaming about real service including Client to Server protocol.
And this already comes true step by step, see and my posts via ActivityPub C2S
The real power for a User comes with several accounts at different servers.
@SubwayTooter @kaniini

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