@BalooUriza You can see exact errors of avatars/attachments downloading in the menu -> Commands in a Queue. Moreover, you can "Resend" the downloading command i.e. retry the download from the Context menu of each item in the Commands list

@AndStatus E; Avatar for baloouriza@meow.social,
Created 52 seconds ago,
executed:1, last:50 seconds ago, retriesLeft:9, error:Hard,
Status code=NOT_FOUND; hard;
; statusCode:NOT_FOUND (404); url:'meow.social/system/accounts/av'; saved to file, downloadFile; actorId=1; uri=meow.social/system/accounts/av;


@BalooUriza So the error report clearly says, why the avatar wasn't loaded: I cannot open it via browser also.
The main question here is why this broken URL is sent to in a user's profile...

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