Anyone who understands how #ActivityPub works, can you please explain to me what URL an instance would subscribe to for another instance? I'm not seeing that in the documentation.

ie, if I wanted to follow/stream all public posts on a given instance, how would I do that?

@farhan a way of doing this would be to have a "Service" level actor that represents the server/instance, and all the accounts on said server CC/BCC all their activities to it automatically. Then as a third party you can subscribe to the service's inbox and get access to those activities.

As an example you can see here:

However, to my knowledge Mastodon/Pleroma don't have this instance Service available.

@mariusor Explain it to me like I'm a 4 year old...I am not clear if I understand you. Take my Pleroma instance, If I just go to, I get some JSON that tells me the inbox is at How do I access this data? Is there a specific content-type? I believe you said I need another instance to subscribe to it, presumably so that the sending instance pushes messages to you?

I do not understand what is?

@farhan is another activitypub service, only it doesn't have a nice web interface to it, it's just the API.

@mariusor What does it provide?
Pardon my questions, I'm reading the protocol and trying to put things together, but not fully clear yet.

@farhan it serves as a backend for a link aggregator at the moment But on the long run I want it to be a generic service, something similar to email, but for federated social networks. To be able to use it, people will need clients that speak activitypub (something called Client to Server in the documentation). So far there are no such clients unfortunately.

@mariusor @farhan Android app is such Client to Server client, please check here:
I wonder what is needed for it to work with your service.

@AndStatus @farhan if the application can access collections and iterate over them using next/previous you're good to go for accessing items.

Point one at for a public stream of what's on the service. It also supports some rudimentary filtering for the properties of Activities, Objects. Eg:

Submitting activities requires valid OAuth application credentials, so if you're interested in trying, ping me.

@AndStatus but doesn't provide webfinger support, so user discovery needs to be done through the mechanism I showed in the parent message, ie, filtering the global inbox for the desired username.

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