@AndStatus Is there any way to make sure a certain timeline (like toots I sent) will be synchronized for offline use while defining a start time for that? Like, "make sure everything on this timeline posted after <date> is kept on the device"? Right now, I see things can be kept for several years but the only way of fetching "old" entries I found is continuously scrolling down my timeline and making sure it re-loads more content dynamically...?


@z428 There is no such "Sync the whole timeline" command, which really would be an automation of a one time continuous scrolling down and repeating "Sync before...".
I think that this is needed really one time per installation from scratch (without a backup restore). Moreover, until you are an admin of the Social network instance, you never know how large is the server's history. In this case syncing page by page will clearly show you, when the history ends...

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