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Open Source client for Android v.33.06 with Mastodon support is live in Google Play
F-droid repository still doesn't have any updates, so if you don't use Google Play, you can get the same package zipped from this page:

@andstatus or F-Droid users can also get it from Yalp Store, which is available in F-Droid itself.
@nestort In short: As a developer I don't have any means to check this.
#F-Droid has some automated procedure that monitors a source code repository (Github in this case) and figures out, when a new release should be built. Then it automatically builds the application from its source code and makes it available to F-Droid users.
This process can fail at any step, and I don't have any "support person" to check and fix this.
See our discussion of the similar case of broken process with F-droid team member:

@andstatus @thefaico @nestort They usualy say they just need the repos shouls have tags.

@dragnucs Yes, we even discussed with them format of that tags in order to simplify the automated #f-droid process. And it works somehow, as you see. But for some reason it takes several days for F-droid to produce new build after the tag creation.
E.g #AndStatus v.33.04 was added to F-Droid repository on May 15 - four days after creation of corresponding tag 33.04-release.
I think this is because their automated build process failed and needed some manual fix after some changes in the source code (e.g. after Gradle plugin update...)
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