#Mastalab — lots of features, but not very stable
#Tusky — pretty stable, not many features
#Twidere — not just for #Mastodon, slow these days
#AndStatus — not for faint-hearted, basically, a debugging tool for developers
#Tootdon — proprietary

@amiloradovsky Advanced problem diagnostic tools in #AndStatus are not for developers only, unfortunately. Answering lots of questions like "Why I don't see new posts in my timeline" during several years, I got that instances of the federated network are not very stable and may easily misbehave for some time. This is why even for an ordinary user a need to figure out a cause of a problem occurs more often than when using corporate services, backed by 24x7 support...

I was trying to identify the features I find counter-intuitive, but couldn't decide what to begin with — it's basically *everything*! Take any given piece of behavior, more likely than not it *is* counter-intuitive.

But then I thought, these may be "not bugs but features", i.e. meant to be so — it's simply I am not the intended audience. It's like asking an Emacs user what's wrong with Vi(m), or vice versa…

@amiloradovsky Aha, by "intuitive" UI you mean "like in another application that I used for years"? :-)
What's _your_ example of intuitive social networking client for "power users", for Android?
...It came to me that "power users" (like "business users") don't actually need "intuitive" application. They need it to do what they want and are ready to adapt...

@AndStatus …that I used for weeks/months, not years…
• For instance, the message text entering area doesn't support word completion, and AS may any time strip away e.g. the double newline paragraph separation — I'm having hard time justifying that behavior.
• There are lots of timelines with names, looking like synonyms, and they basically are. Generally, the clutter is huge — most often actions require going through the same dozen of menus as the least often ones — suboptimal.

@AndStatus This toot (reply to own reply, a follow-up) didn't contain any mentions by default (feature?).
Where are the visibility indicator and CW?
When I switch between apps the keyboard doesn't disappear (bug?).
The list may go on and on.
Plus, there are noticeable latencies here and there (e.g. going to the top…).
…I'm also curious what kind of "business users" would prefer AS to a more popular client. I'd rather expect a typical "business user" to rely on Tootdon, or Slack…


@amiloradovsky "This toot (reply to own reply, a follow-up) didn't contain any mentions by default (feature?)" Yes, this is done deliberately :-)
Regarding CW (Note name in terms) - I'm testing this now for and .io and plan to release...
The keyboard doesn't disapper, when switching or screen rotation, if Note editor is active.
I mentioned "business users" in a context of users' need in "intuitive" UI, not about in particular :-)

@AndStatus Removing a default mentions from the template is way easier than adding them in e.g. multi-toot/post reply. So, if that's deliberate, I don't see why.

Not mentioning myself in AndStatus 

@AndStatus Not myself, but the handles of those I'm replying to:
Say, when I started this reply, your mention was inserted automatically (of course), but if I will then reply to this very toot/post (to add something that didn't fit, or I forgot to add), your mention will not be inserted by default.
Although the whole series may be regarded as one reply, the OPs will be mentioned in just the first one. — That's, at least, not how the other clients behave. Easy to miss a follow-up.

@AndStatus This toot/post was empty by default, and, if I didn't add you explicitly, you wouldn't see it in the notifications; although it contains (let's pretend) an important information missing from the previous (my) toot/post.

@amiloradovsky Strange, when I press "Reply" on your note, I do see you mentioned in the note's text, see attachment.
Which version of are you using?

Sure. That's not what I'm talking about. — I'm talking about a reply consisting of multiple notes/toots:

• not `a_note ← reply_1` followed by `a_note ← reply_2`

• but `a_note ← reply_1` followed by `reply_1 ← reply_2`

P.S. Sorry for the multiple deleted posts: I keep messing up the markings, which are kind-of important here.

Replying to myself in AndStatus 

Replying to conversations participants in AndStatus 

Replying to conversations participants in AndStatus 

@amiloradovsky You have the third Reply option: "Reply to mentioned actors" to include only those who are mentioned in the note that you are replying to

Got it. Seems to be exactly that.

Apparently AS has most of the features, found in the other clients, but… buried under the pile of a context menus! — Like in order to use it efficiently (or use it at all) one has to read a few hundred pages long Operation Manual… as if it were an elaborate industrial equipment :)

I also like the colored "dependency graph" of a conversation. — Cool feature.

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