Another method to implement continuously variable behavior is what locomotives and many garden tractors use - instead of connecting the engine to the wheels, they connect it to a generator (for the locomotive) or a hydraulic pump. The output of the generator is connected to electric motors to drive the , or the hydraulic pump to a hydraulic motor to drive the tractor.

This is durable and simple... but it's hideously inefficient, there's lots of loss at every stage.

Most common CVT designs use a variable diameter pulley system.

If you're familiar with derailleur gearing, you'll know that when you have the chain on a small sprocket up front, and a big sprocket in the rear, your pedals will spin fast relative to the rear wheel, and when you have it on a big sprocket up front and a small one in the rear, your pedals will spin slow relative to the rear wheel. VDP CVTs simply use adjustable width pulleys to get this effect, usually with a rubber belt.

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So I feel like talking about power-split transmissions, as I think they're a really clever way to get continuously variable behavior.

Wew, my projected Verbal score blows surprisingly hard

I'll take the Math diagnostic later

A mighty war rages across the multiverse. It is the war between




Who will win? Who SHOULD win?

1. Mathlike parens! As seen in, eg, combinatory logic.

(a b c) means (a , (b , c))

2. But Lisp says NOOOPE! to that. In Lisp,

(a b c) means (a , (b, (c, NIL)))

and if you want the first type you have to say

(a b . c)

with an extra dot that you have to parse and omg wtf

BUT it's also pretty great for lists!

This war sucks but will never end.

I've gotta drink another cup of Sleepytime tea

It's the only way to end the madness

The #GodotEngine already changed my life so much, so many new friends I made, so much I learned!

I am extremely lucky to have experienced all the nice moments with developers as well as devs and other people simply curious about the engine!

If you like the work I did so far, I would be really thankful if you enable me to help out the project even more!

Either way, I can't wait for the years to come for this project! :)

My once-in-a-while reminder to artists just starting out:

Don't get trapped in the mentality that you need a certain brand of paints, pencils, pens, canvas, paper, markers or software to be a good artist.

There are people out there who paint masterpieces with a stirring stick, their morning coffee the paint and the canvas their paper napkin. There are people who do life-like images with MSPaint!

It's all about the practice, experience and knowledge that YOU have! Don't let large, expensive brands tell you otherwise!


Whether or not I actually end up going to grad school, my brain seems hellbent on getting itself a slapdash informal Xerox duct tape PhD in 5 million subjects regardless

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This all started because I decided to listen to a recording of a seminar to lull me to sleep

I need to switch to wind or rain or leaves

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I need to start cooking Thanksgiving stuff in the morning

Cutting-edge advances in peptide therapy can wait

black friday commemorates the day Jesus came to the merchants and moneylenders at the temple and said "hell yeah I gotta get me a new 4K monitor"

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Weird brain/nervous system picture, brain stuff 

Remember friends, the brain/nervous system/CPU is the most important portion of your whole damn body

At the moment, you can replace pretty much anything else and keep shit working. But your brain? Nope. Not yet. We're not at the point where we can System Restore or use a disk image. Our one brain is all we've got.

Deep down we all pretty much look like this. We're all just brains shambling around in mecha of meat, skin and bone. So take care.

Scale down, they tell me

Never! I'll scale up until I'm a bloated, ill-advised, intimidating, unsustainable monolithic crustacean made of red duct tape and scrap parts

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