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Scale down, they tell me

Never! I'll scale up until I'm a bloated, ill-advised, intimidating, unsustainable monolithic crustacean made of red duct tape and scrap parts

Still need to figure out where I can stream VHS tapes without getting like banned to another dimension.

Well time for some light reading on gerontology at the graduate level while I pipe-dream about making some t-shirts

Why can't I fragment my self into a ton of instances


person 50 years ago: technology will simplify our lives!

me: yes, hmm

*stares at piles of articles and ebooks*
*stares at half-finished game projects*
*stares at massive book of GRE math section problems*
*stares at Duolingo*
*stares at SoloLearn*
*stares at 3000+ unread e-mails*
*stares at Australia, Canada, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Singapore, Hong Kong and Madagascar*
*stares at still broken-ass car*
*stares at car insurance*


Now that I'm hooked on that instance idea I need to actually research how to make one

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Oh plus also I'm not trying to make money here, so if a lot of people are interested and the per piece price comes down then they will be less than a buck. I would like to get nice ones though, so thick vinyl etc

OK! I am planning on putting in an order for Mastodon stickers. I will probably try to figure out a way to make it easy to get one. Is anyone interested? Would you want 1-5? 10-20? 100?

They'll probably be a buck apiece or so.

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