artists: make a shitty version of the thing you want to make

the act of fixing your ideas to resemble something good will lead you to new revelations about your work cuz you're purposefully putting your mind into the "how do i make this work" phase in a way that's practical

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everyone's got different tweaks and modifiers to the "phases" they work in, but if you're having trouble seeing something through, you might be trying to do a LOT in the same phase, and that can make it difficult to keep a clear picture of what you want.

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ideation - lets you barf out every weird and fun idea you have. keep dumping into this in your free time.

assembly - start hammering it into shape. take out some fun stuff if it gets in the way; leave the fun stuff if you are finding yourself bored or frustrated

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The Stuff Everyone Eventually Sees - where you actually draw the thing you laid out the blueprint for. it comes pretty late in the process.

you can pick and choose which phase you wanna work in at any time, but try to space these out a little. don't be a one-phase architect --

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-- cuz while they DO exist, expecting every artist (especially comics artists) to be able to juggle that much in one thinky session is not really feasible and can be really demotivating when things get churned out looking wrong from the initial vision

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this ties into letting yourself have a bunch of "bad" drawings. filling your sketchbook with stuff that has no intent of being "finished" cuz you're working on ideas that you might wanna develop later. not every sketch needs to be published or fine-tuned and presentable.

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