My Smut Peddler: Sordid Past comic is called Golden Age. It's set during the first four years of the titular golden age of arcades, beginning with the launch of Space Invaders. It follows two fictional women at the forefront of the boom.

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The characters take their names from real life women in game dev; Mabel is after Mabel Addis, the first credited video game writer, and first known female video game dev, AND first woman credited as creator of a game (alongside William McKay) for The Sumerian Game in 1964 (!!).

Dona is named after Dona Bailey, who worked for GM as an assembly language programmer up til 1978, where she learned the Space Invaders game used the same microprocessor as the Cadillacs she worked on for GM, which inspired her to pivot to games and co-create the game Centipede.

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