there's a latinx games festival sale on Steam right now and I HAVE RECOMMENDATIONS

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Va-11 Hall-A is a great visual novel/bartending sim following a lesbian bartender talking to various inhabitants of a cyberpunk city, with a lot of heart and talk about loss and recovery. STRONGLY recommend, and a sequel is on the horizon.

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Dandara is a trippy gravity-based 2D platformer that involves hopping like wild through an environment where up doesn't necessarily mean up. It's GORGEOUS and worth your time if you're into games which redefine platforming.

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Blazing Chrome is the sequel to Contra: Hard Corps for the Genesis we never really got (I know, there was the Arc Systems Works game and it's GREAT but). It's got multiple branching paths and a lot of great bosses and intense level design and is absolutely worth your dollards.

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There's some games I'm really interested in trying, like Mulaka (an open-world low-poly game that looks like fun), Pato Box (a Punch-Out inspired game with a great hand-drawn b&w aesthetic), and Cristales (an impossibly pretty 2D RPG that I really wanna play)

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