A fine voice in the fight against and . So fine they had to self publish as the record industry are too afraid to stand with anything meaningful unless it's passing by on a bandwagon. Cowards. bobvylan.bandcamp.com/ rocks.

Dear Fediverse! A friendly designer created a very lovely leaflet for us to be used in our spring campaign #ConnectingGardens (attached).

Unfortunately, the design is in a private format... can anyone here please help us in creating a similar leaflet (we give you the sources) in Inkscape, Scribus or other open formats? Please DM

Besides our digital hugs and presumably good karma, you will also receive your very personal starter kit from us - full of #Open #Source #Seeds and <3

Attending the online #LibrePlanet2021 conference, March 20-21, is gratis, but we hope you'll register in advance to help us plan. More exciting news on schedule and keynotes coming soon! u.fsf.org/383

........... we've got clean air, relatively speaking. bbc.com/news/science-environme And, if the minister's are reading, I'll formally throw my hat in the ring to be the clean air tsar. Show them how to actually make some changes..........

Happy ! Let's celebrate with these privacy-friendly options:

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Here is more for inspiration: tutanota.com/blog/posts/online

Friday is upon us. Get moving and grooving with some glorious Listen to Sonic Pulse08 by SonicPulse on

I couldn't have put it better myself. What price development? What is the cost? We need a cultural shift to make this work. Away from extraction, production, consumption to communities and cohabitation, co-design and consideration of humanity as part of the natural. Not separate from it.

Freedom of speech and the right to privacy are closely interlinked. We stand with Russian protesters who act upon these Human Rights. In case you need secure and anonymous email, make sure to sign up with a VPN as Tutanota is blocked in Russia: tutanota.com/blog/posts/tutano

What is effective climate justice? Find out this evening 17.30 UK time.
British Museum live event.
It may be fully subscribed but will stream live on the you tube channel too. youtu.be/VRxcSq25fV0

what is it actually good for then? Seems my body doesn't much fancy it anymore. But, I did get to look at some recent photos that I otherwise wouldn't have.
No 1 - Early morning street view

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