Movies that take place this year: 2019 

Movies that take place this year: 2019 

@Andy_P funny thing is that we live in a futuristic dystopia but without all the cool cyberpunk aesthetics nor the cute robo girls
@Loki @Andy_P

> nor the cute robo girls

this is the societal equivilent of when I was a Junior in highschool, and all the hot older girls where scene, and then I was like "oh man can't wait till Im a senior and all the scene chicks will be my age" and then I grew up and scene wasnt popular anymore and there was like a single scene girl in my year
@Loki @tA @Andy_P
Imo I don't see how robo girls wouldn't be cool

Obviously capitalism will ruin it but I don't think it will ruin it that much... Hopefully
@tA @Loki @Andy_P
Honestly she looks like it would dislocate my dick and not in a fun way 😓
@tA @ElfChen @Loki @Andy_P when I get a fully mechanical arm I'm not human anymore?
@lucy @tA @ElfChen @Andy_P im not into transformers but do they count as robots?
@lucy @tA @ElfChen @Andy_P ye, from what i remember from the og movie, they arent actually robots, even tho the theme song says "robots in disguise" thats some false advertising smh

Movies that take place this year: 2019 

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