The floor is lava. But the lava is wild baby kittens drunk on freedom

Mei was well named. The first kitten to bust outta baby jail

using my “finger condoms” because they make the iPads sucky touch screen more responsive and spouse thought my hand was turning purple

Tombo is the perfect name for the littlest kitten. He’s overly enthusiastic about this whole “eating solid food” adventure. Too enthusiastic?

Big foster kitten playing with the widdle babies. They are in awe of him

why does git have to describe everything in git speak?

Picture it: zombies vs robots.
But the robots are the retro kind with a brain floating in a glass jar for a head

Old photo I made of an SR-71 blackbird engine, because I still love this image

Ouiji is a board game made by Hasbro. The same company that makes that other demonic game, Monopoly.

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