Fish eyes in goo, frogspawn, and eyeball pudding.
Historical names for tapioca pudding.

How spiders use electricity to float all over the world.

"apparently a lot of you were unaware that spiders could fly until today and are not thrilled to hear it"

A moment of silence for the school teachers who will be trying to educate a bunch of naughty geese these next few weeks.

The "uncampy valley" of horror movies that aren't quite dumb enough or smart enough to be fun.

wip webcomic project:

"The Lost Things Club"
15 year old Tala runs away from home to prove she's worthy of joining witch captain Baba's desert pirate crew of lost children. Unfortunately, her little brother tagged along.

All of this takes place in a world where the ground is always flowing from one pole to the other, and other weirdness.

Another sad victim. Please talk to your cats about the seductive danger of boxes before it’s too late.

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