I've been producing some educational video content and have this clip that might be worth sharing, to help build some intuition for what the MVP matrices are actually doing, and what happens after divide by w.

#gamedev #rendering

Crunch is a systemic problem and getting developers and studios to fully understand that is the first step in fixing it.

why don't hackers ever do anything cool. stop taking people's SSNs and like, idk, erase my debt and give me tickets to the aquarium. step it the fuck up

dismantle the idea that programming is for smart people™️ and that they deserve more money than others. tear down their haughty towers until silicon valley is a wasteland of shattered ivory

Tim Burton bolts upright in his bed in the wee hours of April 5, 2019, sweat forming at his brow. He reaches for the notebook at his bedside and frantically begins to write before the muse leaves him: "a dark yet whimsical tale... with a Danny Elfman score... starring Helena Bonham Carter." He sighs with relief. The lightning bottled, he drifts off again into an easy, untroubled rest.

And if you ever wanted to hear Axel F bit-banged on a PC speaker, you're in the right place!

machine learning will not be of any use to humanity until it can instantly fulfill requests like "show me a supercut of every time in an 80s movie where a jock dropped the beer he was holding in amazement at something great the protagonists did"

Jake Sisko + Storyteller (Thomas the Tank Engine)
Mer-Man (Masters of the Universe) + M. Bison

I have proposed a challenge to @Goraan.

Speed run FF7 until he obtains Knights of the Round. From then on, he is only allowed to inflict combat damage on enemies by using KotR for the rest of the game. He is not allowed to flee random encounters either.

Secondly, during all KotR animations (and only then) he will start and play a new game of FF8.

Which game will he finish first? FF7 *using* KotR? Or FF8 *during* KotR?

electro track consisting entirely of fricative JRPG menu navigation sounds

She-ra is the exact amount of queer to make me incredibly happy. It's heartfelt, confident in it's message and just so pretty. It shows LGBTQ+ as something normal, common place even, and for that I have great respect. It's level of equal representation for all people is also well done. 10/10 will recommend She-ra on Netflix.

This is reprehensible. Facebook knew kids were racking up unauthorized charges, called it "friendly fraud," and told employees to let it keep happening.


I will say this: every time I implement a completely standard RPG feature in C# I lose my mind thinking about how many agonizing weeks it would have taken to do that in ASM on a Super Nintendo. Or frankly even C++ in Unreal

Emulation enthusiasts: Applying smoothing shaders to pixel art is about as tasteful as smothering a good steak in tomato sauce.

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