When hate-mongers try to burn an effigy of
@RahulGandhi@twitter.com their own pants catch fire😂
Liar, liar, pants on fire 🔥

जली को आग कहते हैं, बुझी को राख कहते हैं

जो ठगराज को ठग ले
उसे अजित पवार कहते हैं

Moral of the story is if you need to play with numbers, you need Bhaskaracharya not Chanakya. 😜 😂

’s use of by sending him to the BJP camp as a bait to humiliate Shahjee and Fadnavisjee was a novelty never before played in the game of political chess. It reminds me of Garry Kasparov’s rook sacrifice against Viswanathan Anand in the 10th game of their 1995 PCA World Championship match.

Check the position before the rook capture below and the position when Anand resigned.

*सर्वात मोठी ब्रेकिंग न्यूज*

*बीजेपी चे बहुमत सिद्ध*

*बीजेपी* : 105
*राष्टवादी* : 04
*अपक्ष* : 14
*एकूण* : 123
*18%GST* : 22
*Grand Total* : *145*
बहुमत सिद्ध

You know, democracy has been said to have been murdered so many times that now it's just fresh blows on a corpse.

Welcome to where:

- A murder of democracy is called a "Political Coup"

- An outright thug is called a

- The dilution of every Autonomous Institution is called a

CAUTION: Stroking your master, too often too much, might lead to premature explosions of the unwanted kinds 😉

रात का समय निशाचरों का और चोरों का

#MaharashtraGovtFormation #MaharashtraPolitics

क्या बोला था ये देवेन्द्र फड़नवीस? थूक कर चाटने की आदत होती है भाजपा वालों में. #MaharashtraGovtFormation #MaharashtraPolitics

Apparently one more victim.. Ajit Pawar 😐
RT @sardesairajdeep@twitter.activitypub.actor
More breaking: 7 of 12 NCP rebel MLAs return to @PawarSpeaks reports Saam tv. Ajit Pawar could resign claims Saam tv! More twists!

I'm working on an audio project in Puredata to help make songs and performances sound richer. It's a programmable Arpeggiator and Autochorder that plays within a specified key signature (even if you play accidentals). Here's a demo of it. The large piano keys are a real representation of what I am actually playing. It is a 2 finger melody with and without the arpeggiator. The smaller piano at the bottom is the midi output of notes from the arpeggiator. Excuse the audio syncing in the demo.

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