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Hello hello just a reminder that IS open for registrations! We love new people and are generally a bunch of creative nerds and I'm the admin so the rules are light but there's no tolerance for assholes.

Also, it is super pretty. 😉 Click the link to check it out, even if you aren't gonna move instances.

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I don't consistently watch any tags, but I check in the tags #art #fantasy #fantasyart and #birds ever so often. Would love to see more in #fantasyart

I should remember to use it where it applies on my toots...

#tags #hashtags

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#mastotip for people posting #art #photography or other #images
You can remove the URL that gets added automatically to the text of your toot.

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I'm going to try, once a week, to do a post about an artist that I particularly like. This week it's going to be Mirko Hanak, a Czech illustrator and designer who did a lot of book design. He did a lot of wet-on-wet where he dropped a blob of paint into a wet spot on the paper and let it spread out, and then added details; he also did something called "quash" where you load the brush with paint and smoosh it down on the paper to make a shape, with detail added later.

I don't paint like this at all but I love it so much. Here is a pinterest URL for more of his work:

and a Youtube video:


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#TuesdayTags! Or maybe just #tags or #hashtags but let's talk about them.
What are tags you watch? What are tags you wish were more active?
Got any topic you'd like to know tags for?

I'm looking for a particular #writing tag, namely one for stories (fiction) that are short enough to fit in a toot. None of the ones I searched - #mastofic, #tootfic - seemed to be particularly busy, but tootfic a bit moreso.

I've moved my main account to - @Anke

words for common striped insect that may sting you:
wasp = Wespe (pl Wespen)
bee = Biene (pl Bienen)
bumblebee = Hummel (pl Hummeln)
Since they got a name with its own root, Hummeln aren't generally considered a subgroup of bees.

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For those who dont know, the federated timeline displays all the activity from all the people on other instances who are followed by people on your instance.

It is therefore very good practice to follow as many interesting people from other instances as possible. We are the ropes binding this distributed system together.


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that the mastodon federation works so well despite massive queue delays indicates it would also work well even with instances scattered about the solar system. a trial run for a future we have yet to immanentize

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Oh! I can share this with you all! While on my walk, I got a chance to watch some ospreys flying around the river, and all of a sudden one stopped, like, mid-air. O_O Just treading water up there. Then it faltered...and just SPIRALED down into the river! Like, wings out, turning like a top, SPLASH! I was Super Worried for a sec, and then it came back up and was fine. Just fishing. STILL SO COOL

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I still like the idea of someone getting "poison touch" powers as fairy gift, with a side-effect of foxglove spots on her hands (I love foxglove spots), but I'm not sure what to DO with it. Eh.

I have inertia. I will think "I should do X" and then sit around half an hour switching between different social media sites before I do anything.
*went and put a pot on the stove just now, though*

I should write a ficlet for and post it on Friday... *ponders ideas*

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btw once more for new users: CW does not hide images, it only hides text

if you want to hide an image, use "NSFW" and add relevant content warnings

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Also, riding a bicycle is pretty exhausting when you're not used to it. I just found I can't hold a book cause my arms start shaking.

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