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Our challenge is to explain, explain, explain, to do so with rationality and empathy.

A shopkeeper in my neighbourhood asked about Kashmir, and I said, "If you do good to somebody, you don't shut their mouth."

When he said, "It might turn out well."

I replied, "They said the same about demonitisation."

I knew more than him, but it would have been useless to condescend. I had to explain it in his terms.

And people do ask. If we know a bit more, it is our duty to help explain.

#MeToo | The complainant in the Gogoi case said she and her husband were chased by unknown people on a bike. She later filed a complaint. For that Justice Bobde said: โ€œYou have a large family and everybody is in police in your family. They should know how to protect you.โ€

So why exactly are people expecting MPs like and to do any work on ?

Aren't they celebrities?

Why do we think that they will do any service to Public?

Haven't you folks understood the game of winning elections yet? They will get the salaries without any appraisal really.

6. Please be kind to the less privileged. The tools to question the government - facts, clear evidence - have been taken away, broken.

I saw this in the US as well, before the onset of the last Iraq War. The TV news was nonsense. And it was across the board.

The fear and hysteria, wrapped up in lies, crippled any resistance in the world's richest country.

We are much poorer, with weaker institutions.

I don't suggest we give up, but we must understand the nature of the beast.


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5. It is an unreasonable demand in a country in which so many people are just getting by.

They cannot be asked to invest so much effort, and they should not be judged on their inability to do so.

The only silver lining I see is that regimes dependent on such lies often fall, like in Eastern Europe.

"The truth will out," as Shakespeare wrote.

But it takes a long while, and the costs are very high.

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3. My colleague explained that it was all nonsense.

"But if it wasn't true it wouldn't be on TV, would it?" the maid asked. She was genuinely asking.

She had assessed the news that she was given, and had taken the most sensible decision.

Better to spend time in the park.

A steady diet of misinformation can deeply undermine the decisionmaking of a populace.

Peter Maas wrote in, "Love Thy Neighbour", how Milosevic's total control of news reduced the population to hysteria and fear.

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1. "The tragedy of the Indian media: a short story."

In 2008 one of my colleagues arrived back at her house to find her maid missing.

After a bit of searching she found the maid sitting in the park, with the dog, enjoying the afternoon.

When my colleague asked what was happening, the maid replied, "But didi, the world is going to end, so I thought I might as well sit outside."

Puzzled, my colleague asked why she thought the world might end.

"They said so on TV," the maid replied.

Based on the ADR data, the percentage of crorepatis in 2019 Loksabha is 88%.

That is why the establishment feels no shame in making education inaccessible to people and its salaried lapdog media have no qualms to do their masters' bidding in the garb of journalism.

Gogoi J has spoiled my predicting ratio of Supreme Court judgments. My predictions are so bad now I might as well call myself an economist

12.45am, and women are walking, on scooters, in cabs, with pretty much the same expression as theyโ€™d have at 12.45pm. Of course there are neighbourhoods that demand more caution, but Mumbai still gives women access to its public spaces with far more grace and openness than any other place in India.

Sources now confirming that the sources from where they are getting information do not have a credible source themselves.

The only constructive criticism of the Left can come from further-Left and invariably not from the Right.

Here are some features Twitter DID NOT have when it began in 2006.

- Search
- Mentions
- Replies
- Retweets
- Lists
- Permalinks for tweets
- An algorithm

All of these features came when users demanded them.

The search function was actually built by folks who didn't work at Twitter. It was a service called Summize that eventually got acquired by Twitter and integrated into the service.

Retweets started when users began sharing other people's tweets by adding an "RT" before the text.

As a student who's studying in MU, I have always been disappointed with the way it functions.
Recently, MU made news when it decided to drop the traditional convocation gown and cap for 'shivkalin angrakha' - a traditional jacket-style garment along with a red head-gear. THAT is their priority.
So, for me- the idea of JNU is an inspiration. It makes me feel so good that unlike students of MU, they are fighting. They are demanding.
More power to JNU.

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