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πŸŽ‰ Grassblades turns 3 years old today! πŸŽ‰ To celebrate the anniversary, here's a cute picture with my darlings wearing flower-crowns, AND a new page of the comic up at!

Fjord, casting Hexblade's Curse on the devil toad. The barnacles, the dripping seawater, the *everything* - I knew I had to draw it as soon as it happened.

(realised I hadn't posted this here, and it just won Fanart of the Week on Talks Machina! ✨ )

The seventh and last day of - it's time for the caravan to move on! pack up yer potions and put your backpacks on, goblins, it's time to go!

day six: you've been wandering the market for a long time, traveller - surely you must be thirsty! Please stop, rest for a moment, have a nice cup of tea!

On this fifth day of - lookin' for a knife, traveller? how 'bout a nice sword? A bit worn, mebbe, but hacks an' slashes just like the fancy stuff! There's a discount of wands, too, if you're of the magical persuasion!

the fourth: one adventurer's junk is a geckoblin's treasure! Step right up and browse the wares! You in market for a wonky spoon, or maybe a waterlogged book? Still got it's original bookmark and everything! It's au-THEN-tic!

oh hey, it's the third day of ! How about you get TWO goblins for the price of ONE, Mastodon?

hey Mastodon, it's GOBLINWEEK 2018! (what is goblinweek? find out!

I'm drawing gecko-like merchant goblins this year. Geckoblins. Lots of them! Here's the first one!

*sidles in*
*drops some artwork*
*sneaks back out*

Nott the Brave and Jester, the Cleric (of cute!), two of the characters from the new season of

I love all of them so MUCH

Lume (pronounced 'loom'), my new Dungeon World character for our Thursday games. Pastel, prankster, Weather Witch. πŸ’«

(yes hello, I have a tiefling problem)

been watching AGDQ this year, and marvelling at the magic of speedruns.

Pros: this year's event had a more diverse group of speedrunners, with several trans and nb runners! πŸ˜ƒ

Cons: all comment fields are full of gross transphobia. πŸ™ƒ

Second installment of The Crow and the Queen is up on Patreon! Available to all backers $3 and up.

It's time for another episode of Magical Girls D&D: Beacons of Hope! The girls found the First Temple of the Beacons, and must decide what to do next. This SUNDAY, January 14h 17.00 UTC

"I'm short on time", I said. "I should make December's character-design poll simple," I said.

... and then I did this. Because of course I did.

December character-design-poll results are finished - Steampunk* Scheherazade! Full write-up, close-ups and additional sketches can be found here:

*) magi-tech?

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