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I showed this picture of an officially licensed manga cover to my mom, and she just went "NO! >:V" and walked out of the room.

you ever stumble across a manga costume design that is so MUCH that you just stare hollow-eyed into the distance?

sensitive content: butt

because my Patreon-backers have been absolute sweethearts for the last few days of chaos, I've opened up my December character-design poll to the public.

fun new addition to the 'my body does weird stuff when it's anxious' list: ice-cold toes when I'm trying to sleep.

very distracting, and also sleep deprivation sucks a whole lot.

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tfw you can't tell if the feeling in the pit of your stomach is lingering aftershocks of stomach flu, nerves, or just anxiety over capitalism

I emailed about how I, as a creator, felt about their horrible new change the other day ๐Ÿ™ƒ Just got a reply ๐Ÿ™ƒ addressed to a patron, not a creator ๐Ÿ™ƒ

but it's totally okay, because they sent me another reply immediately after that one, assuring me that they're 'listening to people' ๐Ÿ™ƒ

When your babe gets to jump to level 14, she's gotta get new threads. Kindness, putting the ๐Ÿ—ก๏ธin 'looking sharp'

(inspiration credit to connie barrett for the thigh-high murder-boots)

I made the dreadful mistake of trying to listen to a comedy podcast co-hosted by two dudes and hhrhghghghg

I want those wasted 13 minutes of my life back aaaaargh

several of my backers are upping their pledges, presumably to offset the cancelled pledges

these people are too good

brb am crying

Last night, Hazel added Boots of Speed, a Bag of Holding, a questionably magical ring, 12 big gems and โœจforty-four thousand in gold and platinumโœจ to her hoard!

(I may be howling into the void about the changes threatening my livelihood, but at least my pretend-self is rich beyond her wildest dreams)

What with these Patreon shenanigans, today is starting off an a very lie-down-on-the-ground-and-scream-into-the-void note.

I'm gonna go draw a happy halfling for a bit and see if that helps.

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hey #patreon users, please consider going to and filling out a comment about the new fee system if you have strong feelings about them! if you're unhappy, tell them why; if you wish there were other options, tell them what you want those options to be. users of a platform deserve to be heard.

(there are a bunch of posts about the changes under the patreon tag here if you need to get caught upt)

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I sent a customer support request to Patreon asking them to reconsider the change. I suggest you do the same if you care.

It's Wednesday and I'm pretending to build a snow-dog in D&D while the rest of the party has a snowball fight in the background

10/10, would make a snow-dog again

let's just say the past few weeks/months really makes my constant worry of "is it professional to put a :) at the end of this sentence?" and "should I address this person by first name, or is that too familiar" look absolutely ridiculous.

Is It Okay To Hug This Person, a handy field guide for the worried:

step one: spread arms slightly
step two: say "are hugs okay?"
step three: if yes, commence hug! if no, say "okay!" and drop it
step four: continue social encounter as normal

Me: I should do this side-comic in black and white! it'll be so much faster!

Also me: *conveniently forgets I have very little practise working in black and white*

.... Well.

gamer bros exhaust me

not gonna spend any more energy on them today. I have comics to draw.

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