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๐ŸŽ‰ Grassblades turns 3 years old today! ๐ŸŽ‰ To celebrate the anniversary, here's a cute picture with my darlings wearing flower-crowns, AND a new page of the comic up at!

Oh hey, it's Hourly Comics Day! Have some hourly comics about me.

(more to follow)

Fjord, casting Hexblade's Curse on the devil toad. The barnacles, the dripping seawater, the *everything* - I knew I had to draw it as soon as it happened.

(realised I hadn't posted this here, and it just won Fanart of the Week on Talks Machina! โœจ )

The seventh and last day of - it's time for the caravan to move on! pack up yer potions and put your backpacks on, goblins, it's time to go!

day six: you've been wandering the market for a long time, traveller - surely you must be thirsty! Please stop, rest for a moment, have a nice cup of tea!

On this fifth day of - lookin' for a knife, traveller? how 'bout a nice sword? A bit worn, mebbe, but hacks an' slashes just like the fancy stuff! There's a discount of wands, too, if you're of the magical persuasion!

the fourth: one adventurer's junk is a geckoblin's treasure! Step right up and browse the wares! You in market for a wonky spoon, or maybe a waterlogged book? Still got it's original bookmark and everything! It's au-THEN-tic!

oh hey, it's the third day of ! How about you get TWO goblins for the price of ONE, Mastodon?

hey Mastodon, it's GOBLINWEEK 2018! (what is goblinweek? find out!

I'm drawing gecko-like merchant goblins this year. Geckoblins. Lots of them! Here's the first one!

*sidles in*
*drops some artwork*
*sneaks back out*

Nott the Brave and Jester, the Cleric (of cute!), two of the characters from the new season of

I love all of them so MUCH

Lume (pronounced 'loom'), my new Dungeon World character for our Thursday games. Pastel, prankster, Weather Witch. ๐Ÿ’ซ

(yes hello, I have a tiefling problem)

been watching AGDQ this year, and marvelling at the magic of speedruns.

Pros: this year's event had a more diverse group of speedrunners, with several trans and nb runners! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Cons: all comment fields are full of gross transphobia. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

Second installment of The Crow and the Queen is up on Patreon! Available to all backers $3 and up.

It's time for another episode of Magical Girls D&D: Beacons of Hope! The girls found the First Temple of the Beacons, and must decide what to do next. This SUNDAY, January 14h 17.00 UTC

"I'm short on time", I said. "I should make December's character-design poll simple," I said.

... and then I did this. Because of course I did.

December character-design-poll results are finished - Steampunk* Scheherazade! Full write-up, close-ups and additional sketches can be found here:

*) magi-tech?