Pinned toot US 2018 Midterm Rundown: How Does Our Congress Stand on LGBT & Minority Rights?

Would immensely appreciate it if anyone could share this piece!

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Pinned toot Would immensely appreciate it if you could share this or check it out, especially if you know someone who lives in Kentucky, Louisiana, or Mississippi.

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CW: Emotional Abuse 

CW: Emotional Abuse 

Bernie is starting to poll ahead of Biden and Kamala Harris is way down in the polls. I think this election is starting to go the way I like.

CW: Cops, murder. 

but when you are your own opponent, does that mean that you win or lose when the match ends?

I wonder what makes me special? Why am I the one who gets supported from good will alone when so many people are crushed to death by the jaws of late stage capitalism?

I'm so happy that people are willing to help me like this, that I have such caring and loving friends and partners, but I'm also uneasy at figuring out how to overcome my own problems. Because I know there are some things that you just need to combat on your own,

I've had more than one woman make 2 hour drives just to come meet me, and I had one sweetheart who took a plane to my home state and bought us a hotel room while providing for both of us.

It's still shocking whenever I think about it, because I've had it hammered in that all that matters is money and power. And thus I feel not only surprised that there are people who love me this much, but that I still have to beat back suspicions that they are annoyed at my lack of agency and my faults.

It all makes sense... the reason that I have embraces anti capitalist propaganda so much is because my existence is a direct contradiction to so much of the capitalist lies you are fed.

I am a college drop out who has never worked a "real job" in her life, can't drive, and is an emotional wreck. Despite this, I have people who love and support from all over the country and some outside of it.

discord chats be like

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i’m really really stressed about money please help i’ve got nothing in my bank account please£AnthonyMVillers


Sometimes I'm tempted to convert to Satanism just so I can wear this shirt and have it be fully accurate.

history is written by the victors.

those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.

so by omitting crucial parts of history, victors ensure that those parts can and will be repeated.

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