I've lost count of the amount of cute girls with low self esteem who are convinced they are ugly and undesirable, either cis or trans. As a result, it often seems like girls like me who present an air of confidence, love, and power tend to inspire fanatical devotion. I remember feeling that way about my ex Atma. And yet, here I am now to the point where I'm meeting so many amazing people who look up to me the same way I look up to her.


It means a lot, and I just wish I could adopt every one of you who is where I used to be, and love and protect you all. I just want you all to know that your appearance, or your struggles or position in life is not a statement of your self worth, nor is your level of fame or achievement. And I know there are so many of you that are hurting right now, and I wish I could be there in person and give all of you a big hug.

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