A friend of mine is currently in an emergency situation. She had her teeth knocked out and her jaw shattered, and she has tumors in her mouth because she can't afford the surgery. The infections are so bad that her immune system is shot. She has expressed desires to kill herself because the pain is so bad, and I fear that something bad may happen if she can't get the surgeries.

She won't have insurance for over a year, and she has been unable to post a gofundme because her abusers use it to target her and spread harassment against her. I offered to post this in the server and see if I can get anyone to donate to her paypal to help get the money she needs. Someone PLEASE send her something, even if it is a small amount. I can't let a fellow trans girl die like this.

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@AnnieGal A system where people can die because they can't afford healthcare is cruel. Healthcare should be free

@LunaDragofelis @AnnieGal yet another example of how fucking shit humanity is when money is involved. It truly is the root of all evil.

We need to kill the rich and get rid of capitalism sooner rather than later. I mean it!

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