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I decided to cancel my monthly pledge to Tulsi. As much as I loathe Hillary Clinton, I can't justify looking past her homophobic and racist history. Although it was a pledge of $1.00 a month so it doesn't mean much.

US Politics 

I haven't said that enbies are cute in a while because I don't want to categorically lump them in with girls just because the non masc ones fall into my area of attraction, but enbies are cute, even the masc ones are in their own way, unless the masc ones are also going for cute masc... point is you're all valid AF and I love you all either platonic ally or romantically and likely sexually to in some cases.

Have been working my ass off on political work. Now I'm tired. I need a cutie to hold and snuggle me, and one for me to hold and snuggle. Whichever one gets more cute girls and enbies that fall into my area of attraction to come snuggle with me.

I recently went to a therapist’s appointment but also had to choose between eating and paying my phone bill. Now my account is negative and I need to help offset some charges.

If you can help, my Venmo is FarahT and my Paypal is: (this one has my deadname). I would really appreciate the help.

Looking at just about any pre 2019 article of mine where I talk about politics is so blehhhh. There's always a few parts that I agree with but others that are so jarring given that I'd assume it was some centrist asswipe who wrote them. How the hell did I have leftist fans while I still had my Twitter account???

- anyone active, please give this some RTs - I am pitching Faiz Shakir (Bernie's Campaign Manger) on the Bernie Mastodon Server idea. Thanks a lot for boosts! 🚀 Also, feel free to comment in the thread, linked below. ❤️

Tom Steyer talking about his friendship with someone from Flint is hilarious because it reminds you he has the money to fix Flint's water hundreds of times over but didn't do shit.

Democratic Debate Rant 

Democratic Debate Rant 

I swear, every time I see a left tuber do say or do something stupid, I become more and more tempted to start a Youtube channel myself, but then I remember I'm broke poor, would need to balance it out with game reviews and other activism, and that I'm about as competent with tech as the average boomer.

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