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If you love comics and the people who make them, giving to the Hero Initiative is seriously one of the best things you can do. Check it this article about how they helped Taki Soma and Mike Oeming:

I'm going to be showcasing at the Big Bang in Dundrum this Sunday and I made an exclusive print that will go with everyone of my books someone buys! Dustbunnies and Unicorns, my fave.

I've been sick and trying to get pages done on time is hard and sucks.

Mmmm in the end of the day finished art is better then perfect art and I gotta keep telling myself that and stop feeling bad for having to rush the ink and perspective on the next Fate page cause it need to go up tomorrow.

So wait... are there two version of the site? .social and .art? What's the differences?

There was way to have all this extend the entire page, on desktop.?

All the other webcomic peep made such nice status about their work and webcomic and here I am, literally just tooted out a Fate link. +-+

I'm throat hurts which suck but it not that good of an excuse not to work on the next Fate page.

I have so much work to do tomorrow and I'm still god damn online....

I make comics BTW!
I have an ongoing all ages fantasy webcomic called Fate:

If you like the look of it plez give it a read, that would be awesome! :D


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