Thinking about the Wynyard wooden escalators and the sculpture they were turned into at the end of their life

did you know that transparent aluminium is a thing that exists? it’s kind of amazing.

"all those rpg video games are the same. leveling up and fighting dragons. i want something different... a video game where u engage in heated debate with a beak"

This random post generator website focuses too much on beaks.

GGGG GG OTtA GO TO THE SL UG RACe gOt TO GO FAST AT TH e s lug race... paint a picture of lizards

2020 is what happens when you mix your Tarot deck with Cards Against Humanity.

We need to stop measuring the economy by how well rich people are doing.

I randomly generate some of my posts, then copy them into this.

if you make a joke on Mastodon, no matter WHAT the content is, after 50+ boosts people will appear in the replies that take it completely at literal face value.

you could post "a man walks into a bar, says ouch!" and if it receives 50+ boosts, then you will begin seeing replies like "THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN STEEL BAR PLACEMENT IS DEREGULATED BY PROFIT DRIVEN CROOKS!"

this theory is commonly known as Eugen's Gambit. and i love it.

it's fine to pour motor oil into your nearest drainage system, it comes from the ground so it's all natural

Everything wrong with Discord in 5000 words or less.

Please boost. Please move off Discord. Please take your friends with you.

I can make edits upon request.

CW/TW: Post about brutality. 

What happened to George Floyd was wrong.
What happened to Armaud Arbery was wrong.
What happened to Breonna Taylor was wrong.
When is enough police brutality enough?

my cat is always sitting on my keyboard trying to guess my password, but turns out it's not the letter h repeated 27 times

Closest I'll ever get to posting a lewd/EC 

I just need like 3 boosts for my self-esteem

She harassed me by whining and trying to jump on things until I paid attention to her, then went and sat pointedly by the paper bag until I put it on the bed

#DailyCatPic #CatsOfMastodon #MastoCats #cats #caturday

sighing wistfully) its time to look like a beak

it hurts my feelings when people hide from my beak

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