A thought: A platypus is a monotreme, and as such both produces milk and lays eggs.

Therefore, a platypus can generate its own custard.

On the other hand: to what end?

Why wait.

Tired of losing and rarely gaining.

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I find myself here again.


I… don’t think I’m going to do something, but it’s the loudest and most worrying it’s been in a long time.

...Perhaps this metaphor is getting away from me a bit. Basically, I feel like every other fan of a thing is 100% a fan, and I get between 50-75%.

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I can catch bits of the conversation from my ledge, and occasionally my input will be acknowledged. But no-one's helping me up to the top. They sometimes point out handholds I could use, providing I can change the shape of my hand.

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I always feel like I'm not enough of a fan of something to be included as a fan of something. It's like all the "real" fans are standing on a cliff, chatting merrily, having climbed up previously, while I've struggled to carve out enough of a ledge I don't fall off.

Star Wars (A New Hope) - Third band member from the left.
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Pick a movie.

Keep one actor.

The rest are played by muppets.

Seein’ a Star War. My money’s on Cassiopeia. Over/Under’s set at 20. Reckon Ursa Major doesn’t stand a chance.

Well, that was a fun one day off having to be around people. Now back to work. Enjoy the rest of your holiday, everyone else.

It’s that time again.
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Christmas is a time of giving, joy, and pretending to like some of your relatives.

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A thrilling new chapter in the Dinosaur Saga. Keep an eye out January 1st. There's never been a better time to join sanspants+. Will the nightmare ever end?

Also, here’s the song in question, because I think it’s just a good song: youtu.be/lxshe7onfwA

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I would have no hesitation in recommending @yarnquester@twitter.activitypub.actor for commission work if you were so inclined, and hopefully you can see why.

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...There’s a line in “Stained Glass” by Danny Schmidt where he lists some of “all the joy and pain of man” - “And every shape inside your head you can't carve with your hands”. Watching the progress of this has been super emotional for me for this reason, and Mara did amazingly.
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Finished commission! Liya the Planeswalker, based off of The Hanged Man tarot design, for @TrueAntitonic


The idea is that it helps keep my character consistent through their goals and ideals, but allows for flexibility in changing circumstances.

I’m at 14 character lists. Not one backend list made it through wholesale so far, but I’ve been happy with how I’ve played the characters.

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For example, the public list for Lock, my Tabaxi Bard, is at 8 songs. The backend version has those and 6 more. If the story goes as planned, those six get added to the main list, otherwise I change as I go, but always have speculation.

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Interesting thought before sleep. I make musical playlists for all of my characters, D&D or otherwise. What people don’t know is I also make a backend playlist for myself that has the same songs plus others based on where I see the story going, unaltered.

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