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Help me settle a debate: Which would you rather remove from existence - Corn or Licorice?

Finished pre-spark Liya art now that I've got the actual design finalised, but that means the old cards are outdated. Instead of replacing them, consider these as variant promos! I even changed them to old promo styles for authenticity.

I don’t know how many phones I’ve seen today already other than my own, but I DO know how many I’ve seen other than mine without obvious signs of damage: None.

Are humans just poorly designed for holding things?

Looked at my Spotify list for 2019. “Borderline” took out favourite song, and Tame Impala took out favourite artist. Not bad for only listening to one song that I discovered in mid-July, yet managed over 10 hours of.

VR users: I got a Vive Pro, but can’t figure out how to charge it. Help?

I can’t see the opposite end of the building I’m in because of the smoke. It’s like Silent Hill, and I’m INDOORS.

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Y’know what’d be cool? Being able to breathe without getting a lungful of bushfire smoke.

Be really nice, is all.

Organised a Christmas present for myself with a “Learn to Paint Minis” starter kit. See if that scratches the hobby itch.

Friend and artist has made some enamel pins. If this is something that interests you, perhaps check while stocks last? There’s even glowing bits!

Everyone’s saying “OK, Boomer”, but no one’s asking “Are you OK, Boomer?”

Happy anniversary!
Fellow streamers and RPG enthusiasts, are any of you interested in doing a regular Roll20 D&D campaign on Fridays / Saturdays? Let me know.

I’m against Black Friday for a couple reasons (, but if we have to have a sale, we should get a Thanksgiving-type holiday off first.

I just backed Drainers - An Underground Graphic Novel by and on

Did a couple things. Feel free to point and laugh at my historical bad opinions:

Aliens, Clones, and Foreign Nationals: Teaming Up to Destabilise Government and cause Climate Change! What the Royal Family DOESN’T want YOU to know!
Describe your favortie video game as badly as possible

I WILL say that my Avernus game should watch out. 😈

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Having RPG epiphanies is an amazing experience. The only trick is working out how much to share because it’s necessary for the pieces to be put in place.

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