If you're an advanced user looking for #Alternatives, you might like to check out switching.social's most overlooked sections:

👩‍💻 👨‍💻 Alternatives For Advanced Users - sites like switching.social but aimed at technically-aware people

🔥 Bubbling Under - Alternatives that are close to being listed on the main part of the site, and are already very useful

If you see someone on mastodon.social using a cross-poster from Twitter and never actually posting/responding here, please report them. I think that can be reasonably considered spam.

Lamentamos comunicarle que, debido a una infracción de copyright, y en cumplimiento de lo dispuesto por la Directiva del Mercado Único Digital, hemos procedido al borrado del vídeo “Último cumpleaños con papá”. http://copyright.libertadinformacion.cc/algoritmo-obsoleto/

📄 ¿Cómo y cuándo utilizar el formulario para evitar que los partidos políticos nos espien en Internet ?

☹️ Publicada la ley que permite a los partidos políticos españoles recopilar datos personales de opiniones políticas

This is amazing! Congrats to the Government of Canada for making a vital component of their IT directives 🎉. Good job to all involved in making this historic moment happen. A collective standing ovation from the team here at Matomo Analytics 👏👏👏

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