Btw complete solidarity with students everywhere resisting fee hikes and fighting to make education accessible. The students of JNU have been most brave about this.

Education in India has been systematically dismantled, commodified, and privatised. That must be resisted every inch.


To give an example in the last ten years the fees for engineering (even in government colleges) have increased 6 to 10 times.

This is an utter atrocity on 90% of the country, will push them into taking debt, and an attempt to completely kill social mobility.

All education, at all levels must be free and universally accessible for a society to be civilised.

@Anupam_Guha @SabinaBasha Engineers are hardly finding jobs. They pay huge fee for an education that is sub par and useless in the modern workplace.

@Anupam_Guha fkng neoliberal mindset to convert every aspect of life into a financial commodity.why don't they unlock the wealth locked within temple vaults.

@Anupam_Guha when america like advanced capitalist economies seriously mulling free education and health India trying to replicate the flop model set and used by such capitalist economies which will make entire citizens debt and health must be free or run on break even

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