Wrote something after ages for a newspaper, on why we should resist reifying AI governance and pushing blame on algorithms w r t human decisions, in the light of the birdsite going after @sanjayuvacha and @ladkidyutiful.
I get nervous with non academic writing, as I don't want to dilute the argument but still want to make it as accessible and as non jargony as possible. Do have a read.

Am interested to know if people find these kind of explainers useful and will read them. Thinking of doing a series on AI, history policy and future stuff

@Anupam_Guha @sanjayuvacha @ladkidyutiful Well written article on a point that most struggle to understand including the developer and scholar community. But there is human intervention on top of the AI decisions including the Twitter or in any other platform. So AI being biased should never be a reason for these issues and the companies who implemented should own up their mistakes even in the current scenario. Or else is transparent that something happening behind the screens.

@Anupam_Guha yes. I am a technologist working on FAT AI systems at my firm. This is extremely useful discourse and should be publicly available. The academic papers on these matters are too dense for a layman to follow. :)

@Anupam_Guha while I agree with your article in many ways. We can also use AI based systems to detect inherent bias and bring it to the attention of human actors. While mitigating bias maybe the ultimate goal, I often tend to see AI systems as human-enabled and not independent decision makers.

An AI system that gives an output along with interpretable/explainable models are useful compared to a black box.

@Anupam_Guha would love to read and also support it any way possible

@Anupam_Guha positive. I definitely would love to know more on AI and governance. Keep me in the loop please.

@Anupam_Guha you should do one on self-driving cars. I understand the position that there ideally shouldn’t be cars only public transport, but given that cars aren’t going away anytime do you support self driving tech at all?

@Sbokade oh fancy seeing you here

yeah should write something on those. I know we are not going to be rid of cars soon, but I think its as likely that we would see mass usage of autonomous cars as my scenario of massive investment in public transport tech (heh)

what I mean is that the autonomous car industry has not till now satisfactorily demonstrated that they can navigate (hah) all the issues which are to do with other humans, not technological

so it remains pretty much a policy question

@Anupam_Guha it seems very free of jargon but also rather introductory? But since I've been reading about this topic for years, perhaps I'm not the intended audience.

A few points:
- It seems like saying "the machine did it" should be treated not as blaming a scapegoat, but as admitting an error, though a different kind. An organization must take responsibility for its machines.

But admitting this is just the first step. How are the errors remedied and new errors prevented? Is there a robust process to investigate and fix mistakes? Admitting a serious error and doing nothing about it is either arrogance or helplessness.

- An army of workers would also make mistakes when they don't have the background knowledge to understand the meaning of a photo or poem. I don't see how it can be avoided unless the moderator is sufficiently part of the community they are moderating to know the people and understand what they are saying. This seems incompatible with Twitter's flat, global structure and fits better with Mastodon, Reddit, or other places that have small subdivisions with their own moderators.

- Machine filtering seems to work well when combined with local overrides. Consider Gmail's spam filter, which seems to work for many people, because it allows the user to train the algorithm and override it. This early success perhaps made people too optimistic that it could be used globally for social media?

@Anupam_Guha yes I'd be interested.

On hindsight should have bounced last year seeing the way twitter (non)handled abuse towards Thenmozi Soundarajan's Smash Brahmanical Patriarchy poster. Still can't believe the product head Vijaya Gadde apologising to Mohandas Pai!

@Anupam_Guha my bad..she's head of legal (!) & the one she apologized to is the other scumbag Rajiv Malhotra

@Anupam_Guha three different topics.... but yes interesting. Would be interested to hear about possible AI applications to Management Control Systems...

@Anupam_Guha history policy? History is what it is .... History policy is what interests the RW 😁

@moderngypsy meant AI-history, AI-policy, AI-future trends

should have used a colon instead of a comma

@Anupam_Guha @sanjayuvacha @ladkidyutiful
That was a very enlightening article, Sir. I've been interested in the sociological analysis of AI, ever since I read Virginia Eubank's Automating Inequality. I'm just wondering if you can suggest more readings on this topic.

@Lawandemotions @sanjayuvacha @ladkidyutiful

Some readings to start with

Begin with Kate Crawford's

Then Evgeny Morozov's critique of Zuboff's book on "surveillance capitalism", read (not exactly on AI but the arguments hold)

Also Cathy O'Neill's "Weapon's of Math Destruction"

@Anupam_Guha @sanjayuvacha @ladkidyutiful That is why linguists say AI, Deep learning are a product of the biases of the humans behind it. A look at the data on which these tools are being trained is very revealing and disturbing.

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