I'm back Mastodon,
The Indian Government has passed a genocidal bill, and resistance has been met with tear gases and lathi charges. Brutality is on the rise. Fascism is planting its poisonous trees in Indian soil.

If there's who has the PDF version of Handbook of Indian Sociology by Veena Das please hmu!

India continues to fail its women as popular media houses viewed by millions keep valorising men who justify the act of raping women.

Depression is crazy.
One minute you have every ounce of energy and motivation in the world to get yourself out of your bed, but another minute you're back to square one because your mind has decided to remain dysfunctional.

Need someone who'd cuddle and look for ways to eradicate the rich :blobaww: :blobmiou:

When I said that I'd be tooting a lot about my catu I was being real af

Education must be free.
Why? Because everyone, no matter where they come from must have the right to learn and aspire. Education acts as an agency for emancipation and helps one in actualising their dreams.
Free education ensures a better tomorrow.

Sanghis when tax money is used for shit like building a statue: :owi: :owi: :owi:

Sanghis when tax money is being used for creating free and fair education for all: :cwy: :AAAAAA: :angery: :angery:

Indian men who have migrated here from birdsite, please be mindful of mansplaining. I have been mansplained to constantly since I got here.

100 days of siege in Kashmir. 100 days of complete lawlessness by the Indian state.

Trying to deal with mental health issues in an intensive and competitive environment is so terrifying and this is one aspect of mental health problems that so many people consciously ignore.

Friendly medical tip: Boost your soul’s immunity with this one weird trick: Fight fascism

When you put a price to something as essential as education, you're basically saying that those with little money do not deserve to educate themselves and their children.
You're justifying the elimination of a wide group of people from expanding their intellectual capacity.

First the Brahmins told the Dalits...

"Shudra Yahaan pravesh na kare"

Then they told the Dalits...

"Say Jai Shri Ram when you break the masjid"

Finally, the Brahmin will tell the Dalit at the gates of Ram Mandir...

"Shudra Yahaan pravesh na kare"

Words cannot express the amount of disgusted pity I have for people who are right now using the language of agency to deny that amerikkka has just removed an indigenous leader from power for daring to not comply with their slavery demands.

This weekend had an abundance of anger inducing political happenings.
I spent my weekend breathing in this view while I controlled my anger over the brahmanical and bigoted institutions of our country.

Feminism makes people uncomfortable because they cannot fathom to normalize the fact that equality must exist and that women are fighting for being seen and heard.

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