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*JDU breaks alliance with RJD in Bihar and joins BJP*

Media- "Masterstroke! Amit Shah is is Chanakya! Hail Chanakya!"

*Shiv Sena breaks alliance with BJP in Maharashtra & joins Cong-NCP*

Media- "Betrayal of people's mandate. Black day for democracy."

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The longer the BJP stays in power, the deeper India’s wounds will get. Please throw them out asap.

Mastodon, please welcome @SunitaKumar here. She's the founder of LetsOTT, an amazing human being and a dear friend.

season 6 episode 7 makes an excellent commentary on gun- control laws.

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Hi all!

I'm a freelance web developer. I would love to meet and talk to people about tech, code, mental health, budgeting, and how they like and make their cup of chai. 🍵

Nice people of Mastodon I am doing my MA in Sociology from Mumbai University, can someone please direct me to notes/books/reference material for the same. Thanks.

@Satya_j20 That is ideal. had 11 episodes with a run-time of 60+ minutes.

Is it even worth having 22 episode seasons? Show makers better keep it short and wind up seasons in 10-13 episodes.

@Satya_j20 I watch and write on most of the shows. So I watch em all :)

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