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W.E.B. Dat Boi @AquaMarching@mastodon.social

Me and my boy Gagandeep plan on moving there together after we both graduate. Our interests line up, we've been friends for a few years now, so why not share an apartment with him?

I have got to start traveling more. Then again I need to be thinking more about this move I'm trying to make to New York.

I deserve mental stability.
I deserve joy.
I deserve confidence.
I deserve self motivation.
I deserve self love.
I deserve better.

it's actually hard for me to read theory without falling asleep so this is good

if you think terf is a slur please just block me lmao

Wooooooooow! I really have not been using this at all.

Is your night going the way you had hoped?

For my new followers I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Quamel Webb, but you can just call me Q. I'm from Louisiana, although I don't speak and I'm not the biggest fan of jazz. At the moment I'm attending university where I double major in history and political science, with a minor in genocide studies. I also obviously watch videos of food I know I'll probably never cook.

You Know I Had to Do It toot Em

person: why are you telling me so much about north korea
me, sweating furiously: ....*dprk...

dawg i get heated when americans worship celebrities who do nothing for them and come at people who celebrate socialist leaders who fought for their liberation

I wish tooter would group all your similar notifications together because it is sooooo difficult to find when people mention me

All these damn client apps Mastodon has.

Tusky needs an update or something. It just straight up doesn't notify you at all. You have to manually check them. I'm just now seeing shit from 5 hours ago.

You can be verified on here? I assume that's what those check marks are?

@Nonosbah the Pasha was like a military officer. He ran the garrison of janissaries stationed in Belgrade. The janissaries killed him and proceeded to rule Serbia without permission from their sultan. This prompted the Serbs to fight them in two separate revolutions.

The rise of nationalism in the Ottoman Empire is so fascinating.