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I guess maybe I'm thinking too deep into it. All these communists complaining that Twitter isn't for us still refuse to give Mastodon a chance. Like... Bruh we're trying something new and it could work. You gotta take that chance.

Q @AquaMarching@mastodon.social

Mastodon could flop, Mastodon could be bigger than Twitter, we don't know. But you damn sure aint gone know if you don't try it.

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Most of this is coming from people just not wanting to lose their huge following on Twitter.

You're used to having 10,000+ followers and you don't want to give that up.

@AquaMarching I already like my 12 followers here better than my 4500 there, lol

And yes I also understand a lot of our friends are on Twitter and there's a good chance they won't even attempt Mastodon either.