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W.E.B. Dat Boi @AquaMarching@mastodon.social

I wish tooter would group all your similar notifications together because it is sooooo difficult to find when people mention me

All these damn client apps Mastodon has.

Tusky needs an update or something. It just straight up doesn't notify you at all. You have to manually check them. I'm just now seeing shit from 5 hours ago.

You can be verified on here? I assume that's what those check marks are?

@Nonosbah the Pasha was like a military officer. He ran the garrison of janissaries stationed in Belgrade. The janissaries killed him and proceeded to rule Serbia without permission from their sultan. This prompted the Serbs to fight them in two separate revolutions.

The rise of nationalism in the Ottoman Empire is so fascinating.

twitter: mutuals
us intellectuals: tootuals

I wanna maybe share parts of the paper I did on rape culture here because huge fucking character count

Waiters who trust you are 21+ when you forget your ID are doing HaShem's work.

birdsite trying to copy mastodon's layout to bring users back while ignoring the fact that they feel safer on here mastodon.social/media/dLQjiR4Z

Yall why the Twitter update look a lil like Mastodon?

And yes I also understand a lot of our friends are on Twitter and there's a good chance they won't even attempt Mastodon either.

@AquaMarching to paraphrase something someone said in a different context yesterday, it's not the end of the conversation—it's the potential for the conversation to happen at all.

@AquaMarching I get not wanting to leave the bird completely. We don't want to lose out on radicalizing liberals, but to not even want to come over at all and give this a shot... seems rooted in some ego bs.

@AquaMarching what I find fascinating is that people are like "I don't trust it" but like... twitter is a corporate network. That's scarier.

You're used to having 10,000+ followers and you don't want to give that up.

Most of this is coming from people just not wanting to lose their huge following on Twitter.

Mastodon could flop, Mastodon could be bigger than Twitter, we don't know. But you damn sure aint gone know if you don't try it.